EPICT - a flexible in-service training concept

On the basis of the EPICT Syllabus the EPICT Group maintain e comprehensive, flexible and efficient in-service training course introducing a European quality standard for the continued professional development of teachers in the pedagogical integration of information, media and communication technologies (ICT) in education.

EPICT comprises content, method, technology and processes, all of which are controlled internationally by the EPICT Group and nationally by the EPICT country, enabling the national environment to obtain both recognition and accreditation for its professional development.

EPICT partners are provided of a well-documented and tested method to train teachers: EPICT combines pedagogical knowledge of ICT integration with basic ICT skills training.

The training course is realized through blended, flexible learning where the methodology applied is team-based and involves process-oriented learning, problem-based learning, collaboration activities and team-based assessment.