EPICT & DigCompEdu

Since 2005 before the concept of digital competences in school became one of the main topic in the innovation agenda of every Country, the EPICT group propose a well-documented and tested syllabus and training system that helped more than 18,000 teachers around Europe and around the World to gain confidence with the pedagogical (not informatics) use of ICT.

In 2008 the EPICT group collaborated in writing the UNESCO ICT Competence Framework for Teachers: the EPICT framework was mapped on UNESCO ICT CFT and the EPICT Syllabus demonstrated its usefulness in concretely describe the singular competences inside the framework.

Today the EPICT Syllabus is ready to demonstrate its value in describing carefully and with concrete indicators the digital competences identified by DigCompEdu framework. See below the mapping of EPICT modules on the 6 areas of the DigCompEdu framework competences.