The Process

EPICT Contract

The first step involved in becoming part of the EPICT concept is agreeing on a contract with the EPICT Group. To the EPICT Group it is not important whether you are a private company, a local authority, a university or a ministry of education. The important thing is that your organization is capable of gathering all relevant stakeholders in the area of teachers continued professional development.

The EPICT Group signs a contract with an organization that can serve as a 'national node or representative' in a country or a region. Depending on what we agree on, the organization may be assigned exclusive or non-exclusive rights to use the EPICT concept in a given country or region.

The national node

The national node will be responsible for setting up a localized version of the EPICT concept. This typically includes more or less extensive localization and translation of the course materials so as to make them fit as well as possible with local needs and traditions. But it also includes the entire organizational setup behind the EPICT concept.

The node will in many cases also be a 'course provider' that arranges the actual courses, but the national node may sign agreements with other organizations (such as teachers training colleges, universities, or even individual schools) giving them the right to serve as course providers that can market, sell and arrange EPICT courses.

The national node is typically also responsible for training facilitators, updating materials, and contact to the EPICT Group etc.

A typical contract offers an organization the exclusive rights to use EPICT in a given country or region. The contract also covers the following:

  • a number of consultancy hours to help you get started
  • the certification of the first group of facilitators

If you sign a contract with the EPICT Group, you may become part of our international editorial group that discuss what new materials we need to develop to keep the concept and contents up-to-date. And you will of course have access to any new modules that are developed for use in EPICT.


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